There are various definitions for export. Definite export means the goods leave the customs of one country and send it to another country. To do this, people must have the necessary documents to verify the products and their health. In this case, the seller of goods or services is known as the “exporter” and the buyer of goods or services is also known as the “importer”. In general, in international trade, “export” refers to the sale of goods and services to markets outside the customs territory of the country of production. Non-oil exports have always been one of the most important issues for economic and trade actors and policymakers of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it has paid special attention to the economic, social, and cultural development programs of the country. Exports of goods enable companies to increase the quality of their products and reduce production costs to maintain their competitive position in global markets. The stages of exporting goods to different countries are generally divided into 4 sections. Therefore these 4 sections are introduced under the following headings:

    Step 1: Determine the strategy

    Step 2: Identify market needs

    ?Step 3: What goods are better to export

    Step 4: How is the export process Is done? Understanding the knowledge of international export laws and familiarity with the above steps is a vital matter in the implementation of the export process. In addition to understanding the theory of these laws, we also need practical experience in this field, so Small and newly established commercial companies must consult with experienced and skillful people in this field before taking any action in the field of exporting goods, and they should carry out export activities at the discretion of these people.
Therefore, it is suggested that to carry out this commercial and economic activity, before taking any action, be sure to consult with consultants and experts in this field and use the experience of these people in the correct implementation of the export steps of goods. Makarem Trading company with a brilliant history in this field and according to your business and needs, does everything that is the best for you with high speed and reasonable cost.

Makarem Trading company is proud that does all export steps, including consulting and guidance in export marketing and providing services regarding consumer culture in the target market, as well as providing packaging by the standards of the target market and performing all export steps from supply to clearance and provides transportation or transit with the supplier’s business card to dear customers.

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