For any trader who does business as an international trader, it is necessary to be somewhat familiar with the concepts and principles of trade and commerce. Clearance of trade goods is one of the important steps for the import and export of goods that for anyone who wants to start a business needs to know something about it.
Companies that work in the field of customs clearance, in addition to being familiar with all the rules and procedures for doing so, have repeatedly done those procedures at different borders and in terms of moving different types of goods, and as a result, they have enough experience in this field;
Therefore, by entrusting the process of clearing your trade goods to these companies, you will not only save your time but also avoid paying heavy and useless expenses. The term clearance of goods is used to declare goods to customs and release them to the importer or exporter of goods. Customs clearance refers to all the procedures under which a product is allowed to be exported or imported into a country.
Clearance and transportation of goods are usually done by the owner of the goods or his legal representative. The clearance process includes the preparation and registration of physical and electronic documents and the calculation of costs, including taxes, commercial profits and customs duties, and other facilities provided to importers and exporters.Carrying out customs formalities according to the rules of the selected Incoterms is the responsibility of the seller or the buyer.
Customs clearance is a specialized procedure that must be performed by the seller or buyer’s representative, customs clearance (customs broker – customs work fee). The main place of clearance of goods is customs, where the goods receive permission to enter or leave the country after entering it and during certain stages. It is worth noting that in this case, the goods are released from smuggling and become legal. Doing customs is one of the main commercial services of Makarem Trading Company. Experienced and reputable Makarem commercial customs clearance agents will deliver your goods to you in the shortest time, clear, and ready for delivery. In general, the steps of customs clearance can be categorized as follows:

Get performa and packing lists

Obtaining a license to register a commercial order

Insurance of goods Coordination for inspection at origin and destination

File to allocate currency and bank transfer

Contact with the international shipping company

Receive shipping documents from international shipping companies

Complete documents and file

Set draft declaration round

Review and approval by customs and trade technical expert

Import declaration round

What are the important points regarding customs clearance?

Perhaps the most important point in the field of customs clearance is to have the necessary licenses to clear the goods. In fact, in addition to preparing the documents required by the customs to transport your imported goods, you also need permits to show that all your commercial transfers are legal and approved by the relevant organizations.

What are the documents required for the clearance of goods?

Among the most important documents required for customs clearance of goods can be mentioned as follows:

 import declaration, business card image, warehouse receipt, bill of lading, clearance, certificate of origin, invoice or purchase list, declaration of foreign exchange with your letter, Proforma or pre-invoice, order registration license, batch list, insurance policy, operating license of manufacturing companies, legal licenses for clearance of goods, official power of attorney and export license.

To choose the best clearance company, you must prioritize items such as experience and age of the company, mastering all stages of clearance, familiarity with customs regulations and violations, and transparency and accountability to customers.

Therefore, in this regard, Makarem Trading, using an experienced team and professional clearance workers, performs its services in the field of clearance of goods, transportation, and other commercial capabilities, and using the current trade and customs rules and regulations in a reliable manner.
Also, before leaving, this team seals the containers and insures the goods, and in order to enter the exact number and weight of the goods in the bill of lading and sends it to the owner of the goods.

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