We should now say that the import of goods is an international trade in the world that can be done in any country by domestic traders and merchants.

This international trade can always bring huge profits to traders and active merchants in this field; But do not forget that to do this important activity, you always need to know how to import goods and the specific rules of this work.

Due to the increase in currency prices and abundant opportunities for exporting goods to the Persian Gulf countries, as well as the need of the domestic market to import goods and raw materials in the field of import and export of goods in Iran has developed more than before despite all problems and obstacles.

Major imports of popular goods and raw materials of manufacturing factories in Iran due to high demand are among the essential categories and the main choice of Iranian importers.

China and The UAE are the first choice of Iranian traders to import goods to Iran. China has been named the world’s number one trading hub due to its large number of manufacturers and suppliers.

The process of importing goods is divided into two categories:

The first part of the steps related to the import of goods includes trade and correspondence and the second part of the import of goods is the clearance of them.

By knowing these steps and the rules and regulations related to the import of goods, you can easily import any goods and also expand your business;

Note, however, that these steps are easy to perform in speaking only and are difficult and complex in action; So, the question surely arises for you that what is the best way to do the steps of importing goods?

In answer to this question, we must say that in order to carry out the processes related to the import of goods, it is better to seek the help of experienced experts in this field, who, know the rules and procedures of importing goods, and also, those who are familiar with international laws and regulations and have enough experience in this field.  Makarem Trading Company, based on the experience and knowledge of its staff, is responsible for import services from all over the world, from price inquiries to shipping and clearance. Providing documented and regular reports, information about the last stage of import, providing services with a business card, financial transfers through secure channels, and providing a clear and complete invoice at the end of the work, are the distinguishing features of this business with Makarem Trading Company.

Makarem Trading Company has provided the possibility of purchasing from China in bulk and in part for dear customers. It is also possible to shop from Dubai (original goods and stock) and all cargo transportation and clearance services are performed by our team.

Also, the management of this business company, considering the extensive experienced and activities in this field, can provide the best available operational solutions and import the goods needed by companies to satisfy their dear customers, at lower prices.

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