Dates :

According to some sources, there are more than 400 types of dates in Iran, but perhaps only about 30 to 40 samples of this number of dates are often consumed by most people and are harvested and sold in Bushehr. In fact, Bushehr dates are considered not only as one of the most important agricultural products of Iran but also as a profitable export product and a large amount of it is exported to various countries around the world every year. Makarem Trading Company with years of experience in international trade is trying to harvest the best product from the best groves in Iran and present it to the customer in the best packaging by observing hygienic principles. Their quality in the world markets has always been defined by the customers. The kinds of dates that are exported by this trading company include Kabab, Pyarom, Robbi, and Mazafati.



Bushehr sea shrimp is one of the best types of shrimp in Iran and the world. Shrimp is sold in the country market in both seas and farmed shrimp, but you should know that most of the Iranian shrimp exports belong to farmed (Vanami) shrimp. Bushehr export at a very reasonable and cheap price has caused many people to buy this product. Export shrimp has many fans. Every year, a large amount of shrimp is produced in our country, Iran, and sent to other countries, because Iran is one of the many producers of shrimp. Makarem Trading is proud to offer the best type of shrimp in the best packaging. This trading company export shrimps to various Asian and European countries.


Squid, contrary to its fish-like name, belongs to the group of advanced marine mollusks; There is a class of cephalopods that produce ink when it is caught to escape from the hunter. Squid fishing, which is called “khasak” in the local language of Bushehr, is done with a kind of wire cage called “Gargor

It has industrial and medical usage, so most of its catch is exported. Makarem Trading Company exports squid in standard packages and in different weights to its target countries.

The ribbonfish are any lampriform fishes in the family Trachipteridae. Ribbonfish is one of the economically valuable fish and is found in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. The fishing season of Ribbonfish, whose habitat and catchment is in Iran, Bushehr province and the Mataf area starts in May and lasts until September. The ribbonfish has no domestic consumption due to a lack of scales and is exported to China, Korea, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries for industrial and edible use.
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